June 2020 Prayer for the Identity of our Children

The older my children become, the more I realise that their identity is so important. Who they see themselves as and who they are can sometimes be two very different things. I believe that it is so important that our children have a strong identity from God – that they see themselves as God sees them.

Our identity impacts us in so many different ways. Not only is it important for our resilience in life, but it is crucial for how we live and breathe and operate and interact as a human being.

One of the keys to help us believe who we truly are is to grasp how God sees us. This is where prayer is so important. This month’s prayer focus for our children is on their identity. I have listed thirty key truths and beliefs about who we are and who our children are. Join with me each day as we declare these truths over our children and pray for these truths to become a reality in their lives.

Here is a pdf format of the prayer guide. The downloadable link for the word document can be found here. You can also email me at [email protected] for a copy.

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