What lengths would you go to?

What lengths would you go to to enable your child to meet their real-life, modern day hero? Four years ago I wrote this blog post. Next Sunday, Matey’s hero back Continue Reading →

Our talk becomes their self-talk

Did a parent or teacher ever make a negative remark to you that you can still remember? “You are stupid” “You’re ugly” “You’ll never amount to anything” “You’re dumb” Words Continue Reading →

Discipling our Children part 2

Basically, we desire for our children to not just know about God but to know God intimately. How can we most effectively accomplish this? As discussed last week, it is Continue Reading →

Discipling our Children part 1

A mother of three gorgeous young children was recently chatting with me and asking me how to go about discipling her children in the Christian faith. As I was sharing Continue Reading →

Helping your children develop conversational skills

I believe that, within reason, I need to model to, and encourage, our children in how to initiate conversations with strangers. This is a great social skill, especially when they Continue Reading →

Acts of Kindness – school holiday fun

It’s school holidays here in Australia and that can raise a whole lot of emotions in both parents and kids. Now my kids are teenagers, it is a whole new Continue Reading →

What do you want your child to be doing at age 16?

Saturday morning and we had a relatively ‘free’ day without anything much planned. Quite unusual in our busy household of 2 adults and 2 teenagers. Both kids had beaten me Continue Reading →

Does Parenting Get Any Easier?

Throughout my parenting years, especially when the kids were babies, there have always been people willing to give me advice, even if I haven’t asked for it. If I listened Continue Reading →

Easter – communicating Easter values with our kids and teenagers.

Easter is this coming weekend. What do your preparations look like for Easter? In the last few years, I have been determined to not let the biggest and greatest event Continue Reading →