I love life. I love my kids. I am passionate about raising them up in the best possible way that I know how. I believe that we are all on this planet for a reason & my role is to help my kids discover their purpose in life.

I don’t have all the answers. In 2023, my kids are S (Princess), a girl,  aged 19, turning 20, and J (Matey), a boy, aged 17. Thus, I haven’t got a “success” story yet to share about my kids & how unbelievably well they have turned out. What I do have, though, are some ideas that we have implemented in our family life that have helped. I do have a bit of vulnerability to share the struggles.  I am prepared to share the journey along the way. Will you join me?

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I post a new blog post weekly. When I began this blog in 2013, I posted twice weekly. At the beginning of the week, I used to post a blog about the previous week’s highlights. This was called “Weekly Highlights”. In this blog, you would get a glimpse of how I was trying to live out the values of what I was writing about. The mid-week blog post was about a pertinent topic/issue/encouragement to prompt you to look at with your own family and children. Implementing within your family these issues/topics/encouragement from these blogposts helps position your children, I believe, to have a far greater impact on the world around them.

In 2015, I blogged weekly due to time commitments. I was alternating weeks between weekly highlights and an issue, but in 2016, I seem to have had an issue/topic or encouragement that I have felt to write about weekly. Unfortunately I have become a tad sporadic in my blogging, depending on my other life commitments.

Please feel free to email me at any time with suggestions, comments, or just to let me know how you are going with your parenting.

Love Jane

About me

I am an Australian, currently living in Melbourne, Victoria & have been married to a fantastic man for the last 33 years. We intensely struggled for over ten years to have children until finally, our two gorgeous and lively children came along. They are a delight and a privilege, but also a huge responsibility. They change your life completely!!

My mum died four weeks after my first child as born. It was so special that she saw her grandchild as she had prayed every day for over ten years for us to be able to have children.  It was also a struggle for me to lose my mum when I seemed to need her most.

I am a Christian and this influences my decisions, values, daily life and outlook.

I homeschool and this site has a section about our homeschooling. When I began, there was a post on our weekly highlights but this wasn’t only about what we did for our schooling that week. I shared how we were living out our daily lives. Sure, we are not in some third world country saving the dying children or have a child who is the Prime Minister or who has discovered the latest scientific breakthrough in a disease. (Not yet anyway!!) BUT we are trying to live out Christian principles in amidst a quite well-off population like most of you.

We made a decision once we had children that I would be a full time “stay-at-home” mum so that I was their main caregiver & our children’s value system would be mainly influenced by me. This has meant that we have sacrificed financially in a massive way but I am seeing the huge benefits already in the kids, their relationship with us, their values, attitudes and character.

I am a critical care trained nurse, specialising in cardiac care but I no longer nurse. We have a family business & I am also kept busy with the administration for that. Together with the homeschooling, our involvement at church and in sporting groups, I am kept very busy.

I also blog and minister over at https://www.unlockingthegold.com  On this website, I have a shop where I sell books, pdf’s etc.

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