What do you want your child to be doing at age 16?

Saturday morning and we had a relatively ‘free’ day without anything much planned. Quite unusual in our busy household of 2 adults and 2 teenagers. Both kids had beaten me Continue Reading →

Does Parenting Get Any Easier?

Throughout my parenting years, especially when the kids were babies, there have always been people willing to give me advice, even if I haven’t asked for it. If I listened Continue Reading →

Easter – communicating Easter values with our kids and teenagers.

Easter is this coming weekend. What do your preparations look like for Easter? In the last few years, I have been determined to not let the biggest and greatest event Continue Reading →

Friendships part 4 – How to be a good friend

“I thought she was my friend!”. How many times have you ever heard that statement? It usually comes after there has been some kind of hurt or disagreement or abandonment Continue Reading →

Friendships part 3 – Making Friends

“Princess, can you please ask that girl standing over there with her parents to join you and your friends”, was often a common request I would make of my daughter Continue Reading →

Friendships part 2 – Expectations

“It’s not fair, Mel won’t talk to me. She’s got a new best friend and doesn’t want me to be her best friend any more!” cries Jemma as she rushes Continue Reading →

Helping our Kids develop solid friendships – part 1

Several events from this past week of helping a couple of friends deal with some heavy relational issues have caused me to reflect on friendships and the importance in our Continue Reading →

Have you thanked people for impacting your life?

Last time I blogged how hubby and I were at a wedding where we had 2 significant conversations. I shared the first one last blog. This blog shares the other Continue Reading →

What does your child want you to pray for them?

Hubby and I were at a wedding last Saturday. It was fantastic and we caught up with a lot of people whom we hadn’t seen for 20 years when hubby Continue Reading →