Use this supernatural weapon in your parenting

In raising my children, I have often missed the opportunity to pray for them and desired outcomes. I have shouldered the weight of responsibility instead of turning it over to God. When we take our concerns to God and seek His perspective, we can pray His heart and see the outcomes change. In this blog, I share two current situations where the power of prayer brought results. Is there an area in your children’s lives where you desperately seek change? Perhaps even in your life as a parent? Continue Reading →

Relationship before Rules

Parents, grandparents, and society need to stop shaming. Stop shaming the parents for their kid’s behaviour. Sure, there are some things we can do beforehand to help prepare our children when in public for how they are to behave. Continue Reading →

June 2022 Prayers for Spiritual Protection

June’s Prayer Guide for our family is compiled from Bible verses about spiritual protection. The Bible is so full and rich of commands about how we are to live, about Continue Reading →

Blessing for Mother’s Day

It fascinates me that we celebrate a day of great pain. Yet if you have never suffered the pain and heartache of infertility, or death of a child or parent, of estrangement from parents or children, you may not realize that a huge proportion of the world’s population finds Mother’s Day painful. Many people I minister to testify to this. Continue Reading →

May 2022 God’s Promises from Scripture

As we pray big and bold declarations and Biblical truths over our children and ourselves, we are speaking life and expecting those words to come to fruition. This month’s Prayer Guide is compiled from looking at God’s promises from Scripture. Continue Reading →

Should I be putting my kids before my plans?

Should I be putting my kids before my plans? Great question. Is there a correct answer? Does it depend on your situation? I am finding we are at a new stage in our parenting with a nearly 19-year-old daughter living at home, studying at university, working, youth leader, active social life, and a boyfriend, and our 16-year-old son itching for more freedom. Continue Reading →

Involving your family in helping in a disaster zone.

With thirty hours’ notice, my 16-year-old son and I decided to drive 19 hours north to assist with the flood relief in Northern New South Wales in Australia. That area of New South Wales had had unprecedented flooding with the waters rising to the rooftops and submerging whole houses. Continue Reading →

Praying God’s Names in our Family’s Life

The names of God have rich meaning and expand the character of God. Last week I was reading about Hagar in Genesis 16 and pondering on the name Hagar used to describe God – ‘El-Roi’ the God who sees me. When she felt utterly alone, discarded, and abandoned and that no-one noticed her, God went out of His way to make Himself known to her and saw her. Sometimes we need someone to see us, and to know that God sees us. March 2022’s calendar is on the names of God and praying the names of God over our family. Continue Reading →

Prayer for Myself as a Parent

Parenting can be extremely rewarding, exciting and fulfilling. It can also be a tough gig.

The day in day out slog of living can sometimes cause us to lose track of our purpose in life. Throw in demands from work, church, extended family, let alone our spouse and kids, sports practice, late nights, our own expectations, kids crying, and it can be easy to become frazzled.
How can we enjoy parenting our children? How can we model a life full of grace, peace and fulfillment to our children?

I believe firstly that we need to spend time praying. Praying for ourselves. Continue Reading →

Love, Peace and Christ dominating this week

Coming out of Covid restrictions and lockdowns, has your enthusiasm for celebration or joining with family and friends been dampened? Are you filled with peace at the thought of Christmas and carrying the Prince of Peace with you? Perhaps celebrating Christmas well is creating a family culture that courageously celebrates and trusts God amid unmet expectations, despair, and disappointments. Imagine, for a moment, the feelings of Mary and Joseph. The most unusual pregnancy, the rumours and ridicule, feelings of being outcast, the ‘uncomfortable’ travelling while in the end stage of pregnancy, fleeing from a mass murderer and becoming a refugee in a foreign country. Who did Mary and Joseph turn to when life threw them a curveball? What do Mary and Joseph demonstrate to us about trusting God when His ways differ from ours? What do we learn about them, God, and ourselves in our current situation? Continue Reading →