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This blog is free to subscribe to. It doesn’t cost you anything.  Depending on what device you are viewing this blog on and your screen size, there is a subscription area on either the right hand side of the page, or down near the bottom of the page. All you need to do is fill in your name and email address and click on the “subscribe” button and you will be sent an email. When you open this email, you need to click on the confirmation link to say that yes you do want to receive the blog posts. This is to make sure that both your details are correct and that we are not sending you information that you haven’t asked for.

My reviews about books, games & products

When I discover a book, game or product that I have found to be a great product to use with my children, and also believe that it will be helpful to my readers, I will share it and try to use a link to where you can purchase it. This may well be an affiliate link.

If we were sitting down having a coffee, I’d share with you about something that is really working well for my children and that I think would be beneficial for your family. The same will happen on the blog.

If anyone wishes to give me a book, game or product for free to review on this blog, I will only write what I believe to be true and helpful about that product.

My use of affiliate links

Thank you very much if you do click on these links. Any purchase you make benefits me in a small way. Every little bit helps financially, so thank you very much.


I have done my best to acknowledge where I get my information from if I use anyone’s work. Likewise, if you use anything from this site, please acknowledge that you obtained it from www.raisingworldchangers.com.au   The information written on this site is copyrighted. Thus, if you use anything from this site for purposes other than your family, I would appreciate being informed.


Every little bit helps. A huge thank you to those people who donate to this website and assist my family and I in our ministry and life. We really appreciate it. Thanks.

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