Your Teenager and their first paid job

One of our roles as a parent is to help our children develop the necessary skills so that they can function well as an adult in today’s society. In raising Continue Reading →

Dining out with Kids

We have just recently been on holidays and, one morning, we were sitting in the restaurant eating our buffet breakfast when it became very noisy. There was a family at Continue Reading →

Life or Death in the Tongue

        “My feet are killing me!”         “You’re a pain in the neck”.         “I’m sick and tired of this.” How Continue Reading →

Strategies for motivating kids to serve

Recently I was chatting with a great friend who is an amazing lady with three small children. This lady is an inspiration at what she tackles and undertakes with three Continue Reading →

The seasons of a Mum’s devotional life

I found it a lot easier before kids to have a great devotional life (ie to spend time reading the Bible, praying, trying to listen to God) than after I Continue Reading →

10 Key Tips in Helping your child transition to Secondary School / Junior High School.

As children transition from one school to another, especially to a higher level, there are some things we can do to help reduce any anxiety in the process. The transition Continue Reading →

Helping kids develop discernment and wisdom

An oft heard cry in our home is praying for our children to become wise and discerning. We often bless our children’s spirit with wisdom and discernment and talk about Continue Reading →