Have you thanked people for impacting your life?

Last time I blogged how hubby and I were at a wedding where we had 2 significant conversations. I shared the first one last blog. This blog shares the other significant conversation.

A woman in her 30’s came up to me and shared how great it was to see me after 18 years. When she said her name, I couldn’t place her. She shared how we had impacted her life in such a way that she had become a Christian. Her hubby was standing beside her and shared how they had met at University and this woman, then an 18 year old, had used a similar approach with him when he had questions about life. She had encouraged him to not just believe but to really question God and test God. To really search out who God was. This coupled had a magnificent testimony to share and I loved hearing their journey. When the wife was interrupted and started chatting to another lady, the hubby reached over to me and shared, “I just really want to thank you for your impact on my wife’s life. If you hadn’t introduced her to Jesus then I wouldn’t be here today and wouldn’t be a Christian. My life today is thanks to you”.

 I was gobsmacked!!

Wow – the power of influence and change. More importantly, the power of testimony and thanks. This guy really impacted me. He really appreciated what had happened 17-18 years before and was thankful and let me know.

Have you let significant people in your past know how thankful you are for them and their influence and impact on your life?

What about your children? Have they let significant people in their life know how they have been impacted by them?

I encourage you to take some time even today to write a letter or email, make a phone call etc to let someone know their impact on your life.