Raising World Changers – Neighbours Next

Being kind and serving others results in benefits for everyone. When you teach your children to be kind and help others, you notice that they fight less, express gratitude and thankfulness more often, and improve their problem-solving ability. The best part is that entitlement diminishes. Continue Reading →

Teaching Your Teenager to Drive

Learning to drive begins before your teenager gets their fingers on their Learner’s permit. It started from a young age as they watched what you do in the driver’s seat. Learning to drive is also more than just passing the test, it’s about making wise decisions. It’s about driving for life. This blogpost addresses a number of crucial points to remember when teaching your teenager to drive. Continue Reading →

Should I be putting my kids before my plans?

Should I be putting my kids before my plans? Great question. Is there a correct answer? Does it depend on your situation? I am finding we are at a new stage in our parenting with a nearly 19-year-old daughter living at home, studying at university, working, youth leader, active social life, and a boyfriend, and our 16-year-old son itching for more freedom. Continue Reading →

Prayer for Myself as a Parent

Parenting can be extremely rewarding, exciting and fulfilling. It can also be a tough gig.

The day in day out slog of living can sometimes cause us to lose track of our purpose in life. Throw in demands from work, church, extended family, let alone our spouse and kids, sports practice, late nights, our own expectations, kids crying, and it can be easy to become frazzled.
How can we enjoy parenting our children? How can we model a life full of grace, peace and fulfillment to our children?

I believe firstly that we need to spend time praying. Praying for ourselves. Continue Reading →

Advent Prayer Calendar 2021

As we are in the lead up to celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour, I have updated the Advent Prayer Calendar. I find it a fantastic resource to daily declare these prayers over my family. As they are crafted from Luke 1-2, they are also a great reminder of the Christmas story. Continue Reading →

Raising a Future King

Would you parent your child any different if you knew that they were a future king/queen? I have been impacted by reading the various accounts in the Bible of children Continue Reading →

Week 2 Coronavirus – How is your family going?

It is around the second week of the coronavirus here in Australian where we are starting to take the virus seriously. We’ve bunkered down here in Victoria this past week Continue Reading →

Connecting with God through Reading the Bible

One of my ongoing desires is that I want my children to have a vibrant relationship with God. Part of the expression of this is a daily time of intentionally Continue Reading →