Advent Prayer Calendar 2021

The words we decree and declare and how we fight our battles are paramount. Especially now, as we fight not only Covid-19 but the horrific Government guidelines many are facing throughout the world. Daily, sometimes hourly, I am hearing horrific reports of people being denied medical access due to not being double vaxxed against Covid-19. This is so wrong.

I have been declaring that Father God would shine His light on the truth and expose the lies.

As we are in the lead up to celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour, I have updated the Advent Prayer Calendar. I find it a fantastic resource to daily declare these prayers over my family. As they are crafted from Luke 1-2, they are also a great reminder of the Christmas story.

If you would like a copy of this calendar, feel free to download here or email me at [email protected]

For use during Advent in previous years, I have a list of suitable Christmas movies for both teenagers and younger children (please note – the ‘Deck the Halls’ movie is not suitable for younger children. These can be found here. There is also an advent random acts of kindness calendar, (I’m sorry it is not updates for 2021 dates) and a list of fantastic Christmas books that our family have loved reading.

I would love to hear your family’s favourite traditions at Christmas.