Part 3 Serving Your Community

We were in for a total surprise. The Emergency Room Staff were gobsmacked. They couldn’t believe anyone would think of something like this, let alone do it. My children and I had just handed over 150 ‘Activity Bags’ to our local hospital’s Emergency Department. These Activity Bags were Ziploc bags filled with a few colouring pencils and crayons, several pages from kid’s colouring/activity books, some blank pieces of paper, and a few sheets of stickers. Continue Reading →

Raising World Changers – Neighbours Next

Being kind and serving others results in benefits for everyone. When you teach your children to be kind and help others, you notice that they fight less, express gratitude and thankfulness more often, and improve their problem-solving ability. The best part is that entitlement diminishes. Continue Reading →

Raising world changers – start with your family.

Would you love your children to impact the world? How do you start this process of teaching and training your kids? Mother Teresa once said, “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family”.
What was Mother Teresa implying? Sometimes it is easier to ‘put on a mask’ and treat other people nicely and yet be horrible at home. You can be kind to everyone else, but if you do not treat your own family kindly, then you have achieved nothing. Who you are around your own family is who you truly are. Continue Reading →

Teaching Your Teenager to Drive

Learning to drive begins before your teenager gets their fingers on their Learner’s permit. It started from a young age as they watched what you do in the driver’s seat. Learning to drive is also more than just passing the test, it’s about making wise decisions. It’s about driving for life. This blogpost addresses a number of crucial points to remember when teaching your teenager to drive. Continue Reading →

Overstimulation at Christmas

We choose peace and ease at Christmas. We are over being hyper stimulated with the chaos, noise, activities around Christmas. Here are several strategies you can implement to help your family enjoy Christmas while choosing peace and ease. Continue Reading →

Top Ten Christmas Sanity Survival Tips

Every year I find late November & early December can be extremely busy and stressful if I let it be. Here in Australia, we have all the end-of-year social functions with school, work, sports, activities etc. Over the last few years, in the lead-up to Christmas, I find that if I implement some practices into my life, I find it easier with the stress around this time of year. This blog posts has incredibly practical tips to help you thrive, not just survive this holiday season. Continue Reading →

September 2022 Prayer to Guard the Minds of our Family

September’s Prayer Guide for our family is compiled from Bible verses about guarding our minds. So many lies are continually thrown at us now days, especially through the media. These untruths can affect our identity and beliefs. Now is the time to be praying protection over the minds of our family members. Continue Reading →

Use this supernatural weapon in your parenting

In raising my children, I have often missed the opportunity to pray for them and desired outcomes. I have shouldered the weight of responsibility instead of turning it over to God. When we take our concerns to God and seek His perspective, we can pray His heart and see the outcomes change. In this blog, I share two current situations where the power of prayer brought results. Is there an area in your children’s lives where you desperately seek change? Perhaps even in your life as a parent? Continue Reading →

Relationship before Rules

Parents, grandparents, and society need to stop shaming. Stop shaming the parents for their kid’s behaviour. Sure, there are some things we can do beforehand to help prepare our children when in public for how they are to behave. Continue Reading →