Princess is on ABC3 TV this week

Six months ago, Princess was filmed over 2 days for a 5 minute television special – “This is Me”. There are about 30 children who were chosen throughout Australia and each has been filmed for their own 5 minute televised special. It is amazing to look at what they included and what they cut out from all the filming over 2 days and to see the finished product of what the producer thought was important. If you would like to watch Princess, her 5 minute special is on ABC3 (ABC Me is the current name) at the following times:

  • Thursday 22nd September at 5.31pm
  • Friday 23rd September at 9.55am
  • Wednesday 5th October at 7.27pm
  • Monday 17th October at 6.30am

Apparently it is currently also available to be viewed on iview. Google “iview abc3 This is Me” and look for ‘Sarah’ amongst the kids names. Enjoy watching!!

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