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small treasure chestI have some exciting news to tell you – I have just released our new ministry website called “Unlocking the Gold” ( ) We have called it “Unlocking the Gold” as we believe that we are each born with ‘gold’ within each of us, sometimes it just takes a bit for us to realise our true identity and find that gold. Also, we all have the potential to help others have the gold within them unlocked so that they too can live to their full potential.

The website will focus on developing in the prophetic and supernatural ministry. I am endeavouring to blog weekly there with teachings and activations (personal exercises you can do to help you grow in your prophetic gifting). At the moment, the only activations are under the “group” activations. Feel free to take a look and subscribe so that you are keep up to date with the latest blogs, teachings and activations.

Below is my blog post from “Unlocking the Gold”. It is titled – “Encountering the Father’s Heart” and I wrote it after returning home from our family participating in our church’s monthly Healing Rooms.

Rest assured – I will still continue blogging on “Raising World Changers” as I am passionate about raising our children up to be world changers and influencing other parents in this regard.


Encountering the Father’s Heart

Young Boy Hugging his fatherOur family has just returned home after spending the morning ministering in our church’s Healing Rooms. Our son Josh (aged 9) was sharing with me during the week how he didn’t want to go anymore because he didn’t see any physical healings. True – I could relate to that. Most of the people who come to my team need emotional healing and have a history of suffering abuse. Contacting the Healing Room’s Leader, I shared Josh’s perspective and she suggested that he partner with a team leader who often saw miraculous physical healings. This team leader prays regularly for people he meets on the street who need physical healing and he operates in signs and wonders.

Even on the drive to the Healing Rooms this morning, we prayed and declared that Josh would see miraculous physical healings. Sure enough, Josh was ecstatic as he witnessed some incredible physical miracles, one being a person healed from macular degeneration/black spots in her eyesight. This lifted his faith incredibly. Father God is so good. He knows exactly what each of us needs and how we need it. Josh needed to see physical healings today, not just emotional healings that aren’t tangible to a 9 year old boy’s world. Father God knew that Josh’s faith would be lifted higher and that this was a reference point for him for the future.

I was reminded this morning again through a man I prayed with how important it is for each of us to encounter the Father’s heart. This man needed a touch from God to know that God knew him, knew his past, loved him unconditionally, had seen all the horrific stuff he had endured over the years but still loved him. This man was desperate. He badly needed a touch from God as he was ready to ‘check out’ of this life and this was his last option. I swapped groups with hubby as our group was all female. I have no idea what transpired except many, many tears and a huge long hug from a man with a Father’s heart to a man longing for a father’s touch. Words were spoken, a spirit touched, lies broken, truth realised and Father God met and encountered this man right where he was and what he needed. This man was forever changed.

We all need different things from God, yet basically the same. A touch from the Father. An encounter with the heart of Father God. To unlock the gold in ourselves, we all need a touch from the Father’s heart. We need to know who we are and whose we are. Our identity must first be established and rooted in God.

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    Hi Jane

    What a beautiful post and website! Very unique content and you are spot on about how God works….

    Rachel (friend of Kerrie’s)

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