Generational Influences

iStock_000021383461MediumI love seeing a new born baby but when I look at them, I don’t usually see any likeness with their parents. My mum, on seeing my daughter at twelve hours old, immediately identified several different physical traits that were handed down from us. As Princess grew, my extended family were always commenting know much she looked like me when I was that age.

Our ancestors impact us: We are influenced physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally by our parents and ancestors. That may be good or bad. Some things we can work on, others we can’t change.

One thing we cannot change in our life is who our ancestors were. Our parents, grandparents, great grandparents are unique to our own extended family. It is a fact of life and can’t be changed. What can be changed however, is the influence they have and will have on our children and future grandchildren.

Seek healing:  Through my involvement with different methods of prayer ministry and the last few years with the SOZO form of prayer ministry, I have come to realise it is up to me as an individual, and hubby and me, as parents, to seek healing for ourselves and our kids. We need to go after it, chase it so that our kids can have the best future possible.

No-one is perfect. I am not perfect. Thus, my kids are going to automatically inherit negative stuff from me. If I deal with my issues and the issues in our generational line, it makes it a lot easier to move forward without stuff dragging us down.

Generational issues: Some generational issues or family traits are easier to identity than others. I encourage you to stop and look at your family tree for a few minutes. Ask yourself some questions: Are there any patterns that are obvious? Are there many couples who have divorced? Are there many people who are alcoholics or who have addictions or anger problems? Are there many health issues that are common or fertility issues? Do many people in your family line struggle with financial issues? Is there a lot of bitterness? Looking at your family tree like this can give a hint that perhaps there is some stuff there that you don’t want to be carried on to future generations. What negative traits are common to your family tree?

The Bible, in Exodus 20:5 and Numbers 14:18 talks about “…punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation…” It is a principle that is adhered to and can be plainly seen when you look closely at your family tree. As I stated before, prayer ministry is amazing at dealing with the root issue and getting rid of its effect out of your family line.

A great resource – curses and blessings: Another great resource I have been made aware of recently as a step to help in dealing with generational issues is a free audio by Arthur Burk from The Sapphire Leadership Group ( Arthur has a free resource under ‘Free Audio’ on his website. It is titled ‘Curses and Blessings’. Arthur has done amazing research to identify seven curses against the Israelites in the Bible and their subsequent blessings when the curses were broken. These range from financial curses where you never seem to have enough money to relational issues or justice issues where you never seem to get justice with certain things. I would definitely recommend this audio. The effect is amazing. Hubby and I both listened separately to this and then spent one evening renouncing those curses together, and the effect has been very significant and noticeable.

This is an area in our lives that hubby and I have chased after so as to stand ourselves and our kids and future grandchildren in the best possible place. If you would like any more information on this, I am more than happy to answer questions and chat some more. This is an area that I am passionate about.



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    A friend sent me a comment with the following: When you look at your family tree do you recognize the positives and pray for them to be kept? It rectifies the balance between good and evil and then opens the way to pile the scales up on God’s side and ours! (Thanks Eileen. Great point. It is easy to forget the postitive when we are looking at the negative!!)

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