Josh paintingHow often do you hear laughter in your home?

It suddenly hit me the other day, we need to do more fun things as a family. I want to hear more laughter in our house. We have just come out of a very busy time and I feel we need to be more intentional as a family about having fun.

As the main caregiver/parent at home with the children, I feel I am responsible for setting the atmosphere. If I wake up grumpy (and I don’t mean waking up hubby!!), then soon my children are snapping at each other and nothing seems to be going right for the day. If I get out of bed in a good mood, it sets the tone for the family and if things don’t go smoothly, we handle it a whole lot better.

What’s your home thermostat like lately? Do you need to hear more laughter? It doesn’t have to be something expensive or time consuming. It can be as simple as telling a few jokes, imagining something out of this world, making up a silly story. I find when we use our imagination, we come up with really good stuff that creates laughter. It could be taking fifteen minutes to play a game. It could be telling the kids a story about your growing up. It could be blowing up some balloons and having a challenge as a family to throw them in the air and all work together to not let any of them touch the floor. It could be…..

Have fun. Dream. Imagine. Be silly. Laugh. Do something active together. Tickle each other. Be creative. Do something that is not normal for you. Have a backwards meal with dessert first. Blow bubbles. Play “remember when we…”. Have a scavenger hunt. Ice cakes together. Play hopscotch. Play a clapping game. Make up a rhyme together. Wash each other’s feet. Make playdough together. Get the kids to brainstorm some ideas. Play tiggy/chasey. Give piggy back rides. Put together a ‘pass the parcel’ with action commands between the layers. Sing. Sing louder. Tell jokes. Dream….

Bye. I am going to have some fun with my children.