Championing your kids

socks 1st lotI have just returned home from assisting in a VCE class to help students look at their attitude and to also identify obstacles that are hindering them from completing their VCE. It was an exciting time of helping these students think outside the square and look at their problems from a different perspective. As I was chatting with them, I realised that these students didn’t necessarily have parents that championed them, that came alongside them and supported them in helping them achieve their potential. These students basically have 50 days of schooling left before their exams and to drop out now wouldn’t be a good idea. How do you champion your kids?

Princess (12) recently spoke at YWAM GOFest and at the end of her 10 minute talk, the M.C. made a comment that totally shocked me. He thanked hubby and myself for the way that we have championed our daughter and assisted her to do something that was stretching for her and beyond her own abilities in the natural and on her own to achieve. The M.C. then stated that he had been challenged during Princess’ talk to look at how he could champion his own kids. I hadn’t looked at it that way.

This last fortnight has seen a whole new project initiated in our home by our son, Matey (9). He has an extremely generous, caring and servant heart and wanted to help homeless people but was unsure what to do. After brainstorming as a family, he came up with the concept of “2 Pairs Each”. Collecting 2 pairs of socks to give to every one of the 23,000 homeless people in Victoria.

Thus, as parents, we are championing Matey in this process. We are helping him write letters, contact people, do a Facebook page and communicate his desire for this to people. In the last fortnight, he has collected 194 pairs of socks. Woolworths has had a half price sale on its Explorer socks this week so that has helped. People we don’t even know personally have given over $400 to buy socks and others have bought socks and given them to us. We have driven an hour into St. Kilda and helped give out meals to homeless people there, whilst also giving out 50 pairs of socks and 44 bags of toiletries we had packaged up from hotel samples that we had in the cupboard. We plan to go to a different suburb each week and give out socks to folk whilst they are being giving a hot meal. We also plan on developing a website to help educate people about homelessness. Matey would love other children and families to also get involved and even help out at a meal for people and give out socks so as to realise that these people are actually quite nice and love having a chat to someone.

Would you like to help? If so, please contact Matey on [email protected] or look up the Facebook page “2 Pairs Each”.

How are you championing your kids to achieve far beyond the natural, to achieve their full potential, to be a world changer? I would love to hear. Please comment in the section below so we can all grow and learn from each other.