Cambodian mission trip 2014

imageOur family is currently in Cambodia for three weeks on a mission trip. We stayed overnight in Vietnam on the way. The heat and humidity have really affected us but other than that, we are loving the time so far. We enjoy the tuktuk rides around the city seeing the sights.

Our family came three days earlier than the four other team members just so that we could adjust with jet lag and also have some special time as a family. Since our children value swimming, we have stayed these last few days at places with swimming pools and we have made great use of the pools as the weather is so hot and humid. We haven’t done as much sightseeing as we intended as we have let the children set the pace at what they had wanted to see (everything) but then they just what to return to the hotel for the pool.

We have also let them set the pace with the food so far with them agreeing to try something different every day. This is no hassle for Matey (8) as he loves trying new food. Princess (11) has been great at trying one new thing per day.

Matey has has an amazing gift of picking up on the spiritual atmosphere of a place and we are learning how to deal with that as he is still not mature enough to be able to verbalise what he is feeling. Instead he acts it out. We have been able to identify the source behind his behaviour at the important times and this has helped tremendously.

Both children have really risen to the occasion. Matey has an amazing gift of serving so we have enabled him in this. Princess has a redemptive gift of ruling so we are helping her manage this but also helping her develop this appropriately.

We have felt it important with all the changes in culture to help them feel that they have some control over their life and what they do. Our aim is to help them love being on mission overseas and want to go again.

The rest of the team are arriving today and then tomorrow we head up country where we will be staying at two different children’s centres in Kratie and then Poipet.