Weekly Highlights 17th November 2013

imageOne of Matey’s characteristics is that he is extremely generous. We often see this displayed when, as a family, we discuss how much we will contribute to various causes or gift to people. We always then say to ask God how much and we individually share how much we think. Matey’s amount will usually be double hubby and my amounts.

Several weeks ago in the church kids class, they looked at prophesy and how to encourage people. During their class, they made chocolate balls and packaged them nicely to give away (a feat in itself with over thirty 6-8 year olds). Matey struggled with whom to give it to. He wanted to give it to so many people. In the end, he gave it to the postman. The postman then wrote Matey a beautiful card of thanks which came with the mail the following week. This fuelled Matey to then want to do it again for others. This week, Matey made more and packaged them up and gave them away. The garbage man was one of the recipients and was thrilled, saying it “made my day”.

imageLearning life skills: Our kitchen tap was leaking so hubby and matey spent one afternoon fixing it. I love that hubby took the time to patiently show Matey how to fix it and that Matey loves to learn practical things. I want my kids, as adults, to be able to fix common problems around the home and with their cars etc. Thus, they need to start learning when young and help us fix these things as we journey through life.

Princess and I again went to our church’s meal for people doing life tough. This week there was a special emphasis on identity and how you relate to people out of your own life experience. If you have been rejected, you tend to reject people easily, if you have been hurt, you tend to be negative towards people and not want to allow people to get too close to you. The input was brilliant and then we got into small groups and gave positive statements to each other. This was hard for some of the participants who weren’t used to a culture of saying positive things to others, but everyone participated and enjoyed the process.

A friend who went with us had made cards for everyone there, identifying positive characteristics and writing a statement to match with a beautiful picture on the front. Princess helped place these on the tables and it was exciting to see how people picked up the cards where they sat and the character quality matched them. Princess then wanted to learn how to make cards like this on the computer, so she arranged for our friend to teach her. This was all Princess’ doing. She wanted to learn something, knew someone who could teach her, and went about arranging for that to happen. I know how to use the publisher program, but there is something special when an older friend with a teaching gift spends time with a young person. Also, they have me teaching them a lot, so to have someone else input into them is fantastic. Matey also had an opportunity to learn how to use publisher and created two cards of his own to give away. One card I am not allowed to see until Christmas!

SOZO: Friday morning I had a SOZO at church. It is a form of prayer ministry that looks at your relationship with your dad now and growing up and how that affects your relationship with Father God. Similarly, your relationship with your mother and how that affects your relationship with the Holy Spirit, and your relationship with your siblings and how that affects your relationship with Jesus. I knew that staff of Bethel church all have prayer ministry each year just so that there is no lingering “junk” in their life. Recently we heard from the Senior Pastors of Toronto Airport Church and how all the staff there have prayer ministry every year as well just so that they remain healthy in their relationships and ministry. I have had a SOZO every year for the last two years and felt to book myself in for another one but not really understanding why. I must admit that part of it was that I am always recommending it to people and thought I should do it myself again.

It was brilliant. I had discussed the possibility of what a parenting SOZO could look like a year ago with the director ie looking at our parenting style and how we parent and how that affects our kids. We never really talked it through and the prompting ‘disappeared’ so I left it. Last week’s SOZO not only helped me heaps to clear up some stuff but it has brought a whole new look at how I parent my two very different children and what they actually need from me. I would recommend this to anyone serious about parenting their kids in the best way possible.

Books 4 Cambodia: A lot of individuals dropped in books this week, a bag here, a bag there ends up being a lot of bags. We sorted and packed another 1,000 books with another good amount still to be packed. We are slowly getting to our goal.

Healing Rooms: Our church’s Healing Rooms were on again Saturday morning. Hubby was busy at a dream interpretation course but the rest of us had a fantastic morning of seeing God meet people and answer their needs. I’m learning to observe Matey as different people come to my group for healing as he picks up on the spirit of what they are carrying and acts it out. This can be helpful in praying for people. Afterwards we again joined with the team for lunch at a local restaurant. This was followed by a trip to a bookstore for Christmas books (I place a high value on books so every Christmas and birthday, the kids receive books as part of their present) and then a short play with their cousins at the grandparents. That evening we had a great time with folk who are on a similar spiritual journey to us, sharing our journeys. It is so valuable for the kids to hear other people’s journeys of how they met Jesus and how it has changed their life. I loved how the wife chatted to Princess for awhile about what is important in choosing a life partner. Princess looks up to this amazing lady and this lady married later in her 30’s and it is so good hearing other women input into my children’s lives. Thank you to all those folk who do this. We need people like you in our children’s lives, as well as our own.

Reading: Hubby and matey began reading ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ last week. Matey couldn’t contain the excitement of the book and wanted me to read him the middle section whilst hubby was out. I had never read the book so it was interesting just picking it up mid stream. When I asked Matey what he loved about it, he described it as “Hilarious, traumatic, sad, exciting, funny.” Hubby was  disappointed when he returned home to realise that he would have to go back and read that section for himself as he had missed out on a few adventures. Now that that book is finished, we are on to ‘Robinson Crusoe’ again. I really believe that books with a sense of adventure are so important for kids, especially boys. Books stimulate their imagination.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Highlights 17th November 2013

  1. Davina Yee

    I always enjoy reading your blogs Jane! Thank you and bless you heaps for taking the time to share insights and experiences. I loved reading about Matey’s heart of generosity and how taking that first step causes another to respond out of their own hearts… just beautiful. I love how Princess is growing into an individual that knows how to make choices and takes initiatives for the sake of others. Kris Vallotton talks about empowering children to make decisions and enabling them to think for themselves and I see this in the stories shared. So refreshing and even though I don’t have my own kids yet, it has already gotten me thinking about how as adults we can empower others (young and the more mature). I love the openness and realness of your blogs. Thank you once again. It’s a privilege to know you and the family. Eph 3:20-21

    • admin Post author

      Thanks Davina. I love how you input into my daughter’s life by modelling amazing character qualities and just by being around you, Princess observes and learns how to conduct herself as a young woman. Thank you.

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