Taking a break whilst preparing my heart

In a short while, our family is going to Cambodia on a mission trip with a team from church. We will be staying at several Children’s Centres and ministering to the children plus holding outreaches to children from the local villages and conducting training sessions for some leaders.

One of the ways we have committed to preparing our hearts for this ministry is by fasting for 40 days. My children gave me feedback on what I should fast – facebook and computer time. (I must also add that they thought they should fast pumpkin and brussel sprouts!!) I really felt that it needed to be something I was giving up where multiple times per day I would feel the “absence” and turn to God. Thus, I am taking the challenge and have already given facebook the flick for the moment. I am also only checking my email once, or at the most, twice per day. I also feel that I need to use the time I would normally spend on my blogposts just being with God, enjoying His presence, coming with no agenda other than to “be” with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

My heart’s desire is to be able to love people more deeply and sincerely and I really feel that this trip will be significant in helping me with that. I need to put the prep in so that I am in the best position possible for God so that He can work fully through me and, no doubt more importantly, in me.

Thus, I am taking a couple of weeks break just to “be”.

Thanks for your understanding. Love Jane

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