Parental Growth

iStock_000026145076XSmallHow are you growing, both individually as a person into all you are meant to be and also as a parent of a world changer?

I find it a lot easier to focus on my children and my spouse’s areas that they need to grow in than to look at my own deficiencies. If we are to be true to our own potential, and also as a model to our children, we need to be growing ourselves. This may be in a character issue, in an educational area like doing a new course, gaining an extra qualification, a physical area, a deeper spiritual relationship, be in a mentoring relationship … The list is endless.

Expecting our children to be growing in various areas but being unwilling or not intentional ourselves in those areas, almost raises integrity issues within ourselves. Sometimes, though, we are so stretched that we need to give ourselves permission to just “be” for a short season before we place extra burden on ourselves. Only we know where we are at at the moment.

What are your plans for your growth for this year? Have you taken time to consider where your growth fits in in the family picture. Is it the right time for you to be looking at a new educational qualification?  They are all questions only you can answer.

It reminds me of the air hostess’s talk at the beginning of a flight when they explain that if you have a small child, make sure you fix yourself first in an emergency before you tend to your child’s needs.

Where are you at presently? What changes need to be made? What growth area are you wanting to conquer? What does 2014 hold for you personally?