Changing the outcome with prophetic acts

iStock_000001483815SmallA prophetic act is something you do or act out in the natural realm that support’s God’s working in the spiritual realm. The results will then manifest in the natural realm. If we listen for God’s direction in this regard, the prophetic act becomes the means by which God’s power is brought forth or released to make it a reality.

I am a huge believer in the power of prophetic acts to facilitate and usher in change. I have seen this occur a number of times in my own life, with people wanting healing and also the impact a prophetic act can have on an actual place eg town.

Before we went on holiday last year, we decided to ask God to show us what was happening spiritually in the places we were going to visit and what we should do about it. We drew a rough map on butchers paper and placed it on the floor and we all stood on different places. We shared what we were feeling. Basically we were sensing what God was saying about that place. One place we went to we had felt that the town was feeling forgotten, left out. It was in a barren part of the country. Thus, when we arrived at that town, we sang the song, “You are not forgotten”. Another place we felt that there was a real division there so we took a pair of scissors and cut the atmosphere and then tied a rainbow ribbon together. We did this sort of thing throughout our whole holiday and we saw some significant things occur as a direct result. One direct result of us pouring out a bottle of pure water on the ground in one town occurred exactly a week later. That day that town recorded double the highest ever rainfall in their town and it rained in no other area that day within the state.

An important thing to realise is that there is no formula with God. Just because you did something one way in the past, doesn’t mean that you just do the same thing again. An example of this is stepping in to the future could be as simple as standing up and taking a step forward. It could also be pretending to unlock a door with a key and then pretend to swing the door open wide and step through. It could be actually stepping through a real doorway. It could be various things depending on what God gives you at the time.

We just simply pray and ask God to show us what we should do. We go with the first thing that pops into our head as long as it is positive and encouraging. I believe that God so often talks to us but we tend to question is that really from God or did I just think it up. Usually that instantaneous thought that popped into your head after you ask God to show you something is God replying to you. So go with it.

I encourage you this week to look at an issue your family is facing. Are you longing for breakthrough in that particular area? I encourage you to get the whole family together, briefly explain what a prophetic act is and ask God to show you what the issue is and what you should do in your situation. Then do it. I tend to find that the children are usually really accurate and come up with some interesting things. Brainstorm how to implement it and then do it. Let me know what happens afterwards.  Has your situation changed?