Blessing for Mother’s Day

The cruncher in church this morning was at the end of the service. “As you leave today, remember there is free coffee and a gift for all mothers, whether physical or spiritual”. Yes, they recognized those who weren’t (yet) physical mothers, and they had acknowledged earlier on that today can be a painful day for people. Yet if you have never suffered the pain and heartache of infertility, or death of a child or parent, of estrangement from parents or children, you may not realize that a huge proportion of the world’s population finds Mother’s Day painful. Many people I minister to testify to this.

It fascinates me that we celebrate a day of great pain.

I find that churches can unknowingly inflict more pain on a day like today. During the ten years of infertility, it was painful to be told ‘you’re not a mother so you don’t get a rose’ as I walked into church.

Churches tend to be more inclusive now and acknowledge the pain, but the statement at the end of today’s service only emphasized that we still have more ‘work’ to do in this area.

How about ‘there is free coffee for every female this morning’ or, better still, ‘free coffee for everyone this morning’ as I am sure there are also males in the church who are hurting from the loss or estrangement of a mother or wife or having to be both the mum and dad for a child.

I have written a blessing that I am praying over all my readers today, no matter what situation they find themselves in.

Be blessed, and know that God sees and hears you.

Mother’s Day Blessing:

I bless you with knowing that you were created for a purpose, that your existence matters.

I bless you with being seen and heard, especially today. I bless you with having your grief, pain, loss, and your unmet needs and expectations faced, lessened, and some resolution found.

I bless you in your inner beauty radiating forth and seeing the beauty in others and around you.

I bless you with discovering joy and laughter, love and tears, freedom, and moments to pause and be.

I bless you with the ability to nurture and care and show compassion to everyone you come into contact with.

I bless you with not growing tired in doing good, fresh energy, and renewed vision.

I bless you with time, and for being able to live a life that prioritizes the important.

I bless you with being of noble character, full of wisdom and discernment.

I bless you with being clothed with strength and dignity and that you can laugh at the days to come.

I bless you in realizing the enormous potential you were created with and seeing it come to fruition.

I bless you with knowing your Heavenly Father sees and knows everything, and is cheering you on, because you are loved, and you are important, and the world needs you.