Blessing our Children

The words we say carry such weight into the ‘atmosphere’ and have the potential to come back and affect us again.

I have been on a journey over the last few years of becoming more aware of the impact of the words we say and have been challenged with the power in blessing. Blessing my children, blessing our health, blessing our finances. Instead of praying like a persistent widow always asking, I have been on a journey of decreeing and declaring that which I believe. I have also begun to bless people and things like health and finances. I am seeing not only a change in my attitude, but amazing results.

There are several key times when blessing your children seems to be vitally important. These times are usually around times of transition – birth, schooling, graduation, adulthood (maturity), marriage, and old age. I love the fact that I can bless my children most nights with a simple blessing.

A blessing does not have to be extensive. It can be a few words.

Back in October 2014, I crafted an extensive blessing for my children. It is printed below. It is a lengthy blessing so grab out of it a few sentences which you want to bless your children with or make up one of your own. Feel free to keep it short and quick. Experiment, dream, make up your own specific to your children’s individual needs. Give it a try and see the effects for yourself.

If there is an area that your children are struggling in, make up a blessing about what you want to see happen and say it over them in a blessing.

I encourage you to try blessing your children with a blessing every night for the next month. Ask them how they feel when you bless them.

May you find great joy and richness in blessing your children, aspects of your life, and those around you. I would love to hear your journey and the difference blessing makes in your family’s life. Feel free to also share this with your friend’s and see if they would like to subscribe to this blog. Thanks.


These are my blessings for you my child:

“I bless you with knowing who you really are. I bless you with knowing how valuable and precious you are to God and to us. I bless you with knowing and understanding your strengths and weaknesses and living accordingly. I bless you with fully understanding who you are as a child of God, what that really means and how to live from that position.

I bless you with having a lifelong hunger and love for a relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I bless you with enjoying intimacy with God and with regularly spending time with Him in the secret place.

I bless you with living a life of forgiveness, being quick to forgive and to extend forgiveness and helping others in this attribute.

I bless you with kindness and the ability to always choose kindness and compassion. I bless you with the ability to look beyond yourself and to see the child who is lonely or unsure. I bless you with being the person who makes the first move by smiling and approaching them in friendship and by including them in your activities.

I bless you with being an optimist. I bless you with always looking on the bright side, with having a positive attitude and seeing the best in others and the situation at hand. I bless you with being able to act in the best interests of yourself and others. I bless you with being a carrier of joy.

I bless you with a heart of gratitude. May you be the first one to extend thanks. I bless you with seeing the ‘little’ things people do, with seeing all people being created equal and treating everyone with a heart of gratitude.

I bless you with opportunities and an education. May you always know & realise what a tremendous privilege you have in being educated and appreciate it. May you never take it for granted but may you continually extend yourself and always be growing and learning and thankful for these opportunities. I bless you with a love for reading, writing, math, science and being creative. I bless you with an inquisitive mind and an ability to continually ask questions. I bless you with understanding that learning is up to you.

I bless you with individuality and with the courage to be yourself. I bless you with being able to stand out in the crowd and to be comfortable with that. I bless you with being able to stand alone for the things that really count and for the truth and justice and not being swayed by peer pressure. I bless you with being prepared to lead the way and to always stand for what you believe in. I bless you with the courage to be creative and let your soul truly sing its own song welling up from inside you. I bless you with the courage to take risks, to make mistakes, to be different. I bless you with an incredible wisdom in decision making and the courage to follow through on those decisions.

I bless you with valuing the real things in life and not getting caught up in the temporary things of the latest fashion, being part of the latest craze, or becoming side tracked by materialism. I bless you with not getting caught up in judging people by what they wear but by accepting people for who they really are.

I bless you with the right people in your life to guide you, to be your mentor. I bless you with you knowing who to ask to mentor you and also appropriate folk to approach you. I bless you with an ability to also look out for those following you whom you can mentor and invest time in.

I bless you with great friendships that inspire you and encourage you to be a better person and who bring out the best in you. I bless you with friendships that sharpen your character and stir your soul. I bless you with friends who truly accept you for yourself and encourage you to grow. I bless you with friends whom allow you to be yourself and to cry, laugh and share deeply and who can keep confidences. I bless you with being a true friend. I bless you with knowing when to stay in a situation and when to walk away from people who gossip and betray and lead you down the wrong way.

I bless you with health and an ability to function optimally on all levels. I bless you with an ability to eat healthily and to exercise appropriately. I bless you to also be spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally fit and healthy.

I bless you with being loved and with knowing, beyond every doubt, that there is nothing you can do that will make Father God love you less. I bless you with knowing and fully understanding how beautiful and precious you are. I bless you with realising your strength and intelligence. I bless you with being a world changer. Above all else, I bless you with my love.”

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  1. Ellen

    Oh my gosh I LOVE this Jane!! Really thorough and things I would love to be blessed in. I like that the blessing can be simple too on days you don’t have a lot of energy and time. So achievable for everyone.

    Will be sharing this with a friend, also called Jane 😀

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