Advent Family Prayer Calendar

Advent Prayer CalendarFor us to raise world changers, it is so much easier when we have the power of a Mighty God on our side. God is in the business of doing miracles. I can see in my life and my children’s lives where God has performed miracles.

As we approach this Christmas season, I am mindful that so much more can be ‘achieved’ through God’s power.

This December I want to be mindful of the real reason for Christmas and my family’s love for Christ.

As I meditated on the story of Mary becoming pregnant and up to the birth of Jesus in the Luke’s Gospel chapters 1 & 2, I was aware that there were numerous opportunities to pray blessings over my family from this passage. Blessings that could have an effect for generations to come.

I invite you to join me daily as we pray these blessings over our families.

If you would like a copy of this Advent Family Prayer Calendar, feel free to click on this link:

Alternatively, you can email me ([email protected]) for a copy. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Advent Family Prayer Calendar

  1. debra blair

    hi, i find this a really grat tool use for bting the family together for a devotion, during this christmas. escpically when it hard to get them to go to church.


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