Praying God’s Names in our Family’s Life

Lately I’ve been exploring the various names God called Himself, especially in the Old Testament. These names have rich meaning and expand the character of God. Last week I was reading about Hagar in Genesis 16 and pondering on the name Hagar used to describe God – ‘El-Roi’ the God who sees me. When she felt utterly alone, discarded, and abandoned and that no-one noticed her, God went out of His way to make Himself known to her and saw her. Sometimes we need someone to see us, and to know that God sees us.

March 2022’s calendar is on the names of God and praying the names of God over our family.

You can download a copy of the word document here or email me for a copy ([email protected]).

My prayer is that as you pray over each family member and explore the names God uses for Himself, your family will experience the exact thing they need from God at that time.

Love, Jane