Monthly Prayer for our Children from Proverbs

My daughter turned 18 on Friday. She is a beautiful young lady, responsible, wise, loyal, kind, resilient, hard-working, generous, honest, self-controlled, humourous, patient, perceptive, optimistic, courageous, determined, full of joy and love and passionate about God, friends and food.   I remember nursing her as a baby, believing I had all the time in the world with her. Now at 18, I realise how fast time has gone.  I realise my influence is now primarily through prayer. The power of prayer has been reinforced within me over this last week as I have reflected on parenting her. Please, never underestimate the power of prayer!!

This month the prayer guide for our children is taken from the Book of Proverbs. As you read this book in the Bible, you realise there is so much wisdom and advice to be gleaned. I have compiled this monthly prayer guide to pray specifically for our children for wisdom and discernment as they grow.

The link can be downloaded from here from google documents. You can also download the pdf here from adobe cloud.  Another option is to email me ([email protected] to receive a copy.